Capacity building on a range of subjects

including :


  • Taxation
  • Public Finance
  • Trade Facilitation
  • Management, and
  • Leadership Development

Helping individuals and organizations develop, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, and other resources needed to do their jobs professionally.



Working with our training partners we enhance development of skills, knowledge and specific goals to improving capability, capacity, productivity and performance.

Our training is interactive, focused and practical.

Mentoring and Networking


We help and support young leaders to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realize and maximize their potentials.

Providing guidance, sharing knowledge, experience and critical feedback in areas such as communications, time management, interpersonal relationships, and leadership skills, to assist others to progress in their own lives and careers.


Providing new networking opportunities and identifying potential collaborators of influence within your field of expertise.



We provide a practical learning opportunity and advice, especially in Agriculture, and this is backed up by learning opportunities for the next generation.

We push for the empowerment of women in our communities and support small scale of enterprise.



Building the next generation

We work with primary and secondary schools to provide a practical work-space for children to understand agriculture, use the opportunity, and grow their own produce for learning and work satisfaction.

We provide space for industrial Training (IT) attachments for local higher education institutes so their students can use their IT in practical support of their own course of study.

Other “Town and Gown” opportunities are explored.


Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) Consultancy

With our Training partners we provide the full spectrum of Internally Generated Revenue capacity building. From the basics of taxation to practical implementation of revenue mobilization strategies and support for tax papers.


Agriculture Consultancy

In accordance with the institute of Agribusiness Management of Nigeria (IAMN), we provide generic and bespoke advice, support, training and feasibility development for the entire agricultural value chain.

Our  faculty works in the space,  they advise on a range of issues from basic agricultural  extension to problem solving, new farming techniques, niche farming opportunities and the use of technology in the agricultural value chain.