MSCA Projects is the name for a range of activities. It started with the company Worldwide Limited (MSCA Projects) where created in 2015 to consult and build capacity on a range of subjects including; Taxation, Public Finance, Trade Facilitation, Management and Leadership.

Loosely associated with the company the other business operations:

  • Agriculture under the trading name MSCA Farm Projects.
  • Processing products under the trading name NNESCO Foods.

Both operations include growing the next generation of agriculturalists through capacity building and development.

Finally it also works with entrepreneurs to make ideas a reality through mentoring, capacity building and networking.

At its core are a range of professionals (consultants and associates) with in excess of 100 years of experience across a range of subjects it deals with.

MSCA Projects’ activities focus on the following sectors:

• Consulting and capacity building in internally Generated Revenue/ Public Finance related matters, Trade matters, Management and Leadership.

• Agriculture; farming, food processing and related capacity building.
• Entrepreneurship; mentoring.

Our Vision

Growing People, plants and Ideas for positive results.



Our Mission

To work towards making Nigeria a country of choice for investment, business, residence or pleasure for all Nigerians at home or Abroad by:

  • Adding Value.
  • Making a positive difference.
  • continuously improving and releasing talent and development to the next generation.


Dr. Mark Abani 

Agriculture, Leadership, Taxation, Management.

Brief résumé


Dr. Mark Abani is the CEO of MSCA Projects with the strapline, ‘Growing People, Plants and Ideas for positive results.’  He brings together his vast knowledge and experience gained over 39 years. His expertise covers Agriculture, Taxation, Education, and Leadership across Academia, Government service (UK and Nigeria), Not-for-Profit organisations and the Private Sector, which he brings to bear to contribute positively to a better Nigeria and world.

He also works as an independent consultant; Leadership, Management, Taxation, and Internally Generated Revenue, Public Finance, Trade Facilitation and Governance, and Agricultural Leadership, among others for the World Bank, DFiD programmes, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The EU and various Federal and State Governments across Nigeria.

And he runs a small-holder farm (MSCA Farm Projects) and an agro-processing facility (Nnesco Foods)

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