A Samsung Galaxy j7 phone, costs about 78,000 Naira and many jobless Nigerians own phones like this.

Meanwhile with such money you can start a small private businesses, with you alone as the only employee.

A plastic fish tank is about 12,000 naira, you can get 1,000 fingerling catfish for 25,000, and then a small fish farm has started.

Now with the 41,000 thousand Naira balance you have from the 78,000, you can manage to take care of your fish to table size. And four to five months time after when you sell, you will be making between 350,000 to 400,000 thousand.

I think, This is better than carrying a big phone and be jobless, waiting for government to put food on your table.

Please shine your eyes.

My Name is Babangida Ruma and I just want to make Common Sense!!

Babangida Ruma